Alvaro de Luna confirms his relationship with Laura Escanes 


Laura Escanes has been the protagonist of the media after her photographs with Alvaro de Luna are made public. She refused to give any statements earlier at the presentation of the Lecturas magazine regarding her personal life. 

Earlier in the previous month on 5 September, Laura Escanes and Risto Mejide both broke up after five years of relationship. If you don’t know, Laura was married to the publicist Risto and had a daughter Roma with him. The couple had a rift between them due to some rumours circulating about Laura Escanes. 

The rift between them escalated in the spring when Laura met a YouTuber, Mr Jagger. It’s speculated that they had something more than friendship but both had never confirmed anything. Apart from that, they were never seen together by the paparazzi. So, it was formulated that the rumours were false but still, it wasn’t clear why the couple ended their link.

On September 15, 2022, Laura Escanes and singer Alvaro met at a musical gala, just 10 days after Laura separated from Risto. She went to Tenerife with some friends of hers and Alvaro de Luna. Amidst the prying eyes, the new couple was launched. Alvaro and Laura were seen kissing each other and their photographs were leaked all over the internet and news companies in no time. 

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Laura Escanes’ reaction to the leaked photographs 

Laura Escanes' reaction to the leaked photographs

Laura went to the exclusive event of Lecturas magazine on Wednesday. Reporters tried to interview her but she apologised to them and refused to give any statement regarding her private relationship.   

She said, “I’m sorry to disappoint you… I’m not going to give any statement… I understand… I don’t want to get into anything.” The famous influencer also added, “Various headlines are going to come out and each one is going to make the… story they want.” At the end of her statement, she added, “I know what I have lived and I know what I live….”

How did Alvaro de Luna respond to the dating scandal with Laura Escanes?

Reporters didn’t leave Alvaro alone as well. They surrounded him at the airport with cameras and didn’t let him move until he responded to their questions. The distinguished singer after all told the reporters, “I’m very happy” in a reserved manner. It has also been confirmed the couple was dating for some months (before Laura got separated from Risto, they were dating). 

In a recent song by Alvaro, he had written lyrics like; 

“Although sometimes you hide me…I know our relationship is real.”

“I want to get closer… And dance with you…here are no cameras or witnesses here…”

“You and me, not here…Nobody else matters.”

His fans have formulated that these lyrics and this song are particularly written for his girlfriend Laura Escanes.

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The drastic reaction of Risto Mejide to Laura’s new relationship 

The jury and presenter of the show ‘Spain Got Talent’ have made a severe move and were disheartened that his ex-wife had moved on and started a new life in such a short span after their separation. But it seems that he’s still infatuated with Laura Escanes. He severed the only link they had on social media by unfollowing her after their friendly break-up. Risto doesn’t want to keep himself in pain by scrolling his ex’s web account. 

Risto shared his insight;

“The result of one’s successes and mistakes all adds up. It is sacred what happens between two adults who live together.” 

What are your thoughts about Laura Escanes dating Alvaro? What kind of future do you expect from them and what are your opinions about Risto’s reaction?

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