Artistic gymnastics Olympic games Tokyo 2020


Every Olympics, a portion of the tournament is specified for the Artistic Gymnastics Olympic games 2020. In Tokyo, the Summer Olympics was held in three different categories; artistic gymnastics, trampolining, and rhythmic gymnastics. The tournament ceased due to Covid-19 restrictions. 

After months of waiting for the pandemic regulations to lessen, the Olympic games proceeded in 2021. It happened after CoronaVirus cases surged in Japan and the games couldn’t continue naturally due to multiple pleas for the artistic gymnastics Olympic games 2020 cancellations.  

In 2016, the provisional Olympic Gymnastics Centre was confirmed by the authorities in 2020. It became a permanent venue, working as a convention center after the games. 

Venue; Ariake Gymnastics Center

Timings; July 24 to August 8, 2021

Competitors; 324

Women competitors; 210

Male competitors; 114

Participants came from 63 different nations to participate in this event. 

What are Artistic gymnastics in the Olympic games Tokyo 2020?

Artistic Gymnastics is a discipline in which different apparatuses are utilized by athletes to execute various short routines. It is organized by FIG (Federation International de Gymnastique). This association designs the Code of Point and governs all the facets of elite International competition.  

Individual countries regulate their gymnastics through national federations like the British Gymnastics and USA Gymnastics. Artistic gymnastics is a popular onlooker sport at various competitions, including the Summer Olympic Games.  

Where to watch the gymnastics Olympic games Tokyo 2020?

The artistic gymnastics Olympic games Tokyo 2020 could be watched on Peacock streaming broadcast station for free and NBC. The training for the games started on July 23 and the final was on August 3. Furthermore, the Peacock website, NBC sports app, and NBC Olympics website also stream live Olympic sports.

For watching sports live TV streaming, visit Sling TV, Hulu Plus Live TV, YouTube TV, and Fubo TV. 

What are the qualifications for the artistic gymnastics Olympic games 2020?

The men’s and women’s teams were modified from five members per team to four members per team. Further allocations were accessible for up to two specialties. Qualification places will now be functional for those who qualify based on aggregate scores accomplished over the Artistic Gymnastics World Cup series and various continental gymnastics championships. 

Men’s All-Rounds

Men’s All-Around individual rounds of the Summer Olympics 2020 were held on 24 and 28 July 2021. A total of 70 gymnasts gathered from 35 nations to partake in this session. Three groups have six gymnasts compete; they have to compete for all six pieces of apparatus that include still rings, vault, pommel horse, floor exercise, spectacular horizontal bar, and parallel bars. 


  • Daiki Hashimoto (Japan) won a Gold medal in Olympic Men’s All Around gymnastics. 
  • Ruoteny Xiao (People’s Republic of China) won a silver medal in the Men’s All-Around match. 
  • Nikita Nagornyy (Russia) won a bronze medal in Men’s All-Around matches. 

Tokyo 2020 Men’s Floor Exercise

Floor Exercise is performed with two other events including vaulting. There’s no gender restriction for Floor Exercise, both men and women (gymnasts) can perform it. Gymnasts are expected to have some particular skills. It is performed on a special surface apparatus. 

  • Acro skills (forward roll, backward roll, handstand, cartwheel, back extension roll, whip back, front pike, front walkover,….)
  • Turns (half turn on one foot, double turn or 720° turn, full turn with free leg at a 180° (split position),…
  • Jumps (wolf jump, pike jump, split jump, straddle jump, tuck jump, straight jump,….)
  • Leaps (cat leap, hitch kick, side leap, split leap, ring leap, switch leap, …)
  • Basic tumbling passes.
Artem DolgopyatGoldIsrael 
Rayderley Miguel ZapataSilver Spain
Ruoteng XiaoBronze People’s Republic of China 

Men’s Horizontal Bar 

Horizontal Bar is also known as High Bar, the gymnasts perform on the steel or metal bar. The players showcase various flips, aerial swings, and twists. 

Daiki HashimotoGold Japan 
Tin SrbicSilver Croatia 
Nikita NagornyyBronze Russia 

Men’s Parallel Bars

Men's Parallel Bars

The bar is 2 meters (6 feet 6 inches) high from the floor with a length of about 3.5 meters each. The distance between the bars is about 42 to 52 centimeters. This type of bar primarily consists of flight and swing components. These are the particulars of the artistic gymnastics Olympic games Tokyo 2020.

Jingyuan ZouGoldPeople’s Republic of China 
Lukas DauserSilverGermany 
Ferhat AricanBronze Turkey 

Men’s Pommel Horse 

Men’s vault processes on a metal body wrapped with high-quality chrome hide and foam and is designed especially for a firm grip.  

  • Height; 1.15 meters (3 feet 9 inches)
  • Length; 1.6 meters (5 feet 3 inches)
  • Width; 35 centimeters
  • Distance between pommel; 40 to 45 centimeters 
  • Pommel’s height; 12 centimeters
Max WhitlockGold Britain 
Chih Kal LeeSilver Taiwan
Kazuma KayaBronze Japan

Men’s Rings

By balancing the weight on the rings, gymnasts stretch into different postures, so flips and other moves exhibit their proficiency. The rings are non-twisting, plastic covered, and have stainless steel cables. 

  • Height; 2.8 meters above the ground
  • Distance between the rings; 59 centimeters (1 foot, 8 inches)
  • Diameter of the rings; 18 centimeters (7 inches)
  • Length of the cables; 3 meters (9 feet, 9 inches)
Yang LiuGold People’s Republic of China 
Hao YouSilver People’s Republic of China 

Men’s Team

Country Medal
Russia Gold
Japan Silver 
China Bronze

Men’s Vault

Vaults are done by the gymnasts in a controlled and balanced manner at the artistic gymnastics Olympic games Tokyo 2020. The participants often exhibit somersaults and twists before landing. 

  • Vault’s height; 1.35 meters (4 feet, 5 inches)
  • Vault’s length; 120 meters (3 feet, 11 inches)
  • Vault’s width; 95 centimeters (3 feet, 1 inch)
  • Run; 25 meters (82 feet)
Jaehwan ShinGold South Korea
Denis AblyazinSilverRussia 
Artur DavtyanBronzeArmenia

Women’s All-Around

Artistic gymnastics Olympic games Tokyo 2020 had women’s All-Around competitions which were similar to Men’s All Around. 

Sunisa LeeGoldUnited States of America 
Rebeca AndradeSilver Brazil
Angelina MelnikovaBronze Russia

Women’s Balance Beam

Elite-level leaps, rolls, handstands, dance poses, and walkovers are performed by the Women’s Balance Beam gymnasts. 

Name Medal Country 
Chenchen Guan Gold People’s Republic of China 
Xijing TangSilver People’s Republic of China 
Simone BilesBronzeUnited States of America 

Women’s Floor Exercise 

Women’s floor exercise is similar to men but it has one distinction. Women’s Floor exercise is demonstrated on music and lasts for 70 to 90 seconds. 

Jade CareyGold United States of America 
Vanessa FerrariSilver Italy 
Mai Murakami Bronze Japan
Angelina MelnikovaBronzeRussia 

Women’s Team

Women's Team olympic 2022
Medal Country 
Gold Russia 
Silver United States of America 
Bronze Great Britain 

Women’s Uneven Bars

Uneven Bars are used only by remake gymnasts. Presently, uneven bars are dynamic, most-sided, and demand the best from female gymnasts. 

Name Medal County 
Nina Derwael Gold Belgium
Anastasia lliankoveSilver Russia 
Sunisa LeeBronze United States of America 

Women’s Vault

The specs of the women’s vault are similar to the men’s for gymnastics activity in the artistic gymnastics Olympic games Tokyo 2020. Depending on the requirements of the tournament, gymnasts are asked to perform one or two vaults. 

  • Run distance; 25 meters 
  • Height; 125 centimeters 
  • Individual competent
Name Medal Country
Rebeca AndradeGold Brazil 
Mykayla SkinnerSilver United States of America 
Seojeong YeoBronzeRepublic of Korea 

Qualifiers for the men’s all-around final 2022 (Commonwealth)

  • James Hall from England 
  • Jake Jarman of England 
  • Mario’s Georgios from Cyprus
  • Jesse Moore of Australia
  • Felix Dolci from Canada
  • Frank Baines of Scotland
  • Clay Mason Stephens from Australia 
  • Kenji Tamane of Canada 
  • Pavel Karnejenko from Scotland
  • Hamish Carter of Scotland 
  • Daniel Lee from Jersey
  • Joseph Ceylon Jones of Wales
  • Mikhail Koudinov from New Zealand
  • Ethan Dick of New Zealand
  • Joshua Cook from Wales
  • Jacob Edwards of Wales
  • Georgios Angonas from Cyprus
  • Yogeshwar Singh of India
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Schedule of Men’s artistic All-Around 

Sunday, July 2021.


9 AM to 12 PM (BST) Men’s Individual All-Around Final

Artistic gymnastics Olympic games Tokyo 2020 ended in July 2021. In 2024, Paris (France would hold the next Olympics in the Stade De France stadium.

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