Why Bottled and Jarred Packaged Goods Strike as Excellent Packaged Meals?


Bottled and jarred packaged goods taking the market by storm because of the increased shelf life and low permeability of such packaging materials. Regardless of their many advantages, they are still posing some threats to consumers as well as manufacturers. Let’s look that up!

What are Bottled and Jarred Packaged Goods?

Bottled and jarred packaged goods consist of all the food products, regardless of their state (liquid or gas), that are brought from the market and are packaged and marketed globally in plastic bottles or glass jars, canisters, plastic tubs, etc.

Packaged drinking water is the most prevalent and widely common example of a packaged food product. Aside from it, coffee powder and ketchup bottles, even fresh food commodities such as dairy products (milk), fruits, vegetables, fish, shellfish, meat, and other culinary products that we purchase.

There are a few non-food commodities that are also packaged in such packaging including pet food, cleaning products, shampoo, toothpaste, cleaning products, etc.

History of Bottled and Jarred Packaged Goods:

The hype and utilization of packaged bottled and jarred items transverse after the emergence of refrigerators during the late 19th century. Before that, bottled or packaged products in jar practices were futile.  

The scientist, who introduced the first refrigerator was Thomas Newcomen. It was utilized by the people in 1712 for the very first time for transporting food commodities to faraway places without needing to warm them up. After this, the practice of iceboxes prevailed which is still ineffectual usage by the technologists  

Although there wasn’t any alternative to jarred and packaged goods in the past, they weren’t utilized for all food items, their common uses were for packaging vegetables, fruits, pickled products, dairy, and meat items.

Types of Packaging Materials Being Utilized:

There is a trending variety of packaging materials being utilized for a plethora of food commodities in varying degrees of flavor, texture, and size. Food grading is also determined by its packaging. Glass bottles are widely used materials, and the packaging market relies greatly on them.

Aluminum Containers

It is undoubtedly the most pervasive packaging material in this market because of the minimum cost and easier manufacturing. Recyclable materials may be utilized in constructing it.  They are advantageous because of being safe and possess enhanced shelf life.

Wooden Packages

The most efficacious and long-lasting material that can bear all types of conservation efforts, shocks, vibrations, and compressions. Beverage and liquid commodities, i.e., beer, wine, and oil are mostly packaged in such containers. It also retains flavor and color as per various research.

Why Bottled and Jarred Packaged Goods Strike as Excellent Packaged Meals?
What are Bottled and Jarred Packaged Goods?

Gourmet foods, fruits, and vegetables can be packaged in wooden boxes.

Glass Containers

Glass containers are acting as corrosion-resistant and gas-tight, simultaneously. Maximum cleaning and sanitizing must be ensured to reuse and recycle such containers.

Such packaging is mostly utilized for the packaging of beverage products, i.e., Jams and beer.

Metal Containers

These containers facilitate the long-term preservation of food due to the hermetic seal. It is most predominantly utilized in canned food by ensuring food safety.

It is used in the packaging of fruits, vegetables, and fish.

Cardboard Containers

Containers of Cupboards are favored due to their lightweight and recyclability. Moreover, Cardboard packaging is highly absorbent in absorbing moisture and oxygen which prevent microbial proliferation inside the packaging. They are widely used for storing and shipping products due to increased flexibility.

They are utilized for packaging condiments tubes, nut tubs, and frozen commodities.

Types of Bottles and Jars Available

There are numerous bottled and jarred packaging kinds that enclosed food commodities.


While referring to bottled and jarred food items, Glass is the first and foremost choice. Almost all manufacturers produce large quantities of glass jars for packaging purposes. They are generally manufactured using larger and smaller mouths.


These containers are considered to be the strongest kind in the market and are a large and suitable option for the storage of products such as mayonnaise, pickles, and bottled and jarred products. 


Such kind of containers is utilized for storing olives and gases. It is not only efficacious in its desired functionality but also looks appealing. They can be identified due to their peculiar tall and slim frame.  

Significance of Bottled and Jarred Packaged Goods



These packaged products are hygienic and publicly safe compared to other unpackaged food items. They are microbe-free and are efficacious in reducing contamination of internal ingredients.

Prolonged Shelf Life

Such hermetically enclosed jars and bottles prevent the permeability of water and gases such as O2 and enhance shelf life while retaining the flavor and texture of the goods inside.


These packaged commodities are portable and are proved to be handy when you are going to be traveling somewhere, and are quite feasible to store. They could be directly used with any further treatment.  


The inside ingredients in most of the jars and bottles are visible to the consumers making them more acceptable to consumers.

Size Variety

The variety in size provides the consumer with the choice that in which packaging material he wants to store their products considering the product requirements and the consumer’s personal needs.


Although some bottles are jars that are not exactly environment-friendly they can still be reused by cutting off resource consumption.


The presentation of the packaging materials makes the consumers friendlier and more interactive with the manufacturer and the partners and consumers acquire a good feeling and willingness to work with the particular brand because of brand equity.

Less Space Occupied

The packaged items occupy less space due to less dispersion which allows the warehouses to be fully utilized.

Safe Delivery

Plastic bottles are less likely to be damaged during transportation which enhances the probability of less damage and charge-backs from clients.

Increased Brand Recognition

To advertise the product, the packaging is the most useful mean as it acts as a “silent salesman”. It facilitates with enhances brand recognition and brand building. They are mostly packaged with the logo and trademark.


Increased Cost

Some packaging materials are way costly for consumer acceptability such as glass bottles and glass containers, which usually fall under the prize category.


Again, glass jars and bottles may look appealing but they are usually damaged during transportation due to their fragility.

Not Eco-Friendly

Plastic package bottles and jars are not biodegradable, and cannot be recycled so they pose harm to the environment and marine life when they are disposed of in oceans and seas.

Use of Additives

As such packaged products are utilized for a longer time and shelf life is enhanced so the additives are used to carry out this purpose which can prove to be harmful to a few consumers.

Reasons of Preference

Shelf Stability

Consumers prefer packaged goods over unpackaged ones due to the lesser permeability of microbes inside the packaging, the product retained its maximum nutrients and visually appears appealing, fresh, and hygienic which ultimately enhances consumer acceptability rate.

Ingredient Description

The most important function of packaging is its communication as it acts as a silent salesman which has taken a toll on markets because the packaging contains all the information which are needed by the consumer to make choice, including, manufacturing and expiration date, ingredients information, presence of an allergen, etc.

Why Bottled and Jarred Packaged Goods Strike as Excellent Packaged Meals?
What are Bottled and Jarred Packaged Goods?

Brand Equity

It is one of the widely popular incentives for consumers to make them purchase a certain product, and it involves all the consumers to have recognition and it facilitates in distinguishing goods comparatively to their competitors.

Ease in Transportation

The convenience of transportation and being portable proves to be advantageous. It helps consumers choose bottled and canned goods.  

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FAQs About Bottled and Jarred Packaged Goods

Why are bottled and jarred packaged goods preferred over other packaged meals?

The reason for the preference is its convenience in use, self-description, hermetically sealed packaging materials usage, and prolonged shelf life.

How bottled and jarred packaging materials come into use?

The use of such kind of packaging materials came into the market after the development of refrigerator use, before this practice was considered pointless.

What disadvantages are observed in bottled and jarred packaged goods consumption?

The drawbacks could be the fragility of a few materials i.e., Glass. The use of additives and preservatives could be a potential threat for a few susceptible consumers.

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