How is Melanie Olmstead Related to Yellowstone?


The viewers of Yellowstone are eager to know about Melanie Olmstead. Melanie Olmstead appeared in Yellowstone’s Season 2 finale. Many are curious Who’s Melanie Olmstead and how she’s related to Yellowstone. As she’s no actor and had no cameo in the series. Then, why was she given homage in the show? 

Worry not, in this article, there are answers to all your questions. Gear on!

Who is Melanie Olmstead?

Melanie was the location and transportation manager for the Yellowstone series (2018). She died in May 2019 before Season 2 of the series came out. She was not in action on screen and wasn’t part of the cast as well. This lady worked behind the scenes and contributed to this series’ progress. 

Melanie died at the age of 50 after serving Hollywood for 19 years. Olmstead joined the Entertainment industry in 2000. But she never came to the limelight until her death. The Yellowstone series made her rise to prominence by paying a tribute to her after her death. 

Hence, many people aren’t familiar with her. Numerous fans of the Yellowstone series are curious about her after watching her in the finale of Season 2 and discussing her on social media. 

Profile Summary Of Melanie Olmstead

Full NameMelanie Olmstead 
Date of BirthNovember 15, 1968
Date of DeathMay 25, 2019
Age50 (at the time of her death)
Nationality American 
Birth PlaceUtah, United States 
Current Residence NA
Famous ForActressManagement crew of Yellowstone 
ProfessionActressTransport Manager 
Education Graduated
High SchoolNA
University NA
FatherReid Howard
Mother Janet Corbridge
Zodiac Scorpio
Orientation Lesbian
Height 5’5 feet
Weight55 kg
Hair Colour Dark Brown 
Eye Colour Blonde
Shoe Size 5 USA 
Marital StatusMarried
Boyfriend/ Spouse Annalise Passage
Net Worth $3 to $5 million 
Social Media Facebook 
Children 2

Biography and Wiki

Melanie Olmstead landed on Earth on November 15, 1968. She was raised by her adoptive parents in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her adoptive mother is Janet Corbridge and her adoptive father is Heid Howard. She spent her years with them lovingly. At an early age, she developed a kind love for animals, particularly horses.

She remarked on her Facebook account once that her affection for horses started the moment she learnt how to walk.  But she didn’t get her first ‘just mine’ house at that time. In adulthood, Olmstead got her first ‘just mine’ horse.

Melanie shared pictures of her beloved horse on her Facebook page often. 

Mahogany is the name of her precious horse. Mahogany remained with her throughout her college years and even after. They celebrated her birthdays as well. Little horse when reached the peak of her age; at 40 years of age, she died and left her owner alone.

(For people who do not know horses, 40 years of age in horse species is more than 100 years of human age.)


How is Melanie Olmstead Related to Yellowstone?

Olmstead was a retired military vet and the adopted daughter of Janet Corbridge. In 1979, her adoptive mother died. Reid Howard, her adoptive father, married Loa Rose Hanson. Rose Hanson became a widow two years ago after the death of Howard. 

Much about her private life isn’t known. It’s speculated that she was homosexual as she was married to Annalise Passage in 2016. Apart from that, she had no children with Annalise. 

Height and Weight 

Melanie Olmstead is 5.5 feet tall and weighs around 55 kg. She also had gorgeous dark brown eyes and blonde hair.


How is Melanie Olmstead Related to Yellowstone?

Primary Suspect Season 2, Frozen, John Carter, and Snatchers are some of the movies or T.V series in which she has worked and become a celebrity. She has a similar job in all of these movies and TV shows as well. She cared for animals if they were involved in the filming. If not, she would take the production crew to various locations of their demand. Melanie acted as a GPS tracker in the industry. 

In May 2019, a crew member who was an avid fan of Yellowstone died after making clear that she loved animals, especially horses, from a young age.

Around 2000, she visited Africa and spent time working for a women’s education initiative. Before starting her career in Hollywood, she worked as a social worker. The charitable heart of Olmstead loved everyone and hence, today many are remembering her even after her death. 

The popular crew member has also worked in management and transportation in various films. In various movies and series like Wind River, Point Break, Andi Mack, 12 Dogs of Christmas; Jackie and Ryan, Great Puppy Rescue, Darling Companion and Benji — she worked as a driver. 

Projects (TV Series and Movies)Year
Primary Suspect 2000
Frozen 2010
John Carter2012
Wild Horses2015
Wind River 2017
Joe Bell2020
Snatchers 2017 to 2018
Andi Mack 2017 to 2019
Yellowstone 2028 to 2019

How did Melanie Olmstead Join the Yellowstone Series?

How is Melanie Olmstead Related to Yellowstone?

Olmstead got involved with this modern T.V series due to her innate passion for communication and animals. Her love for animals brought her immense experience in the fields. Various beautiful locations were hidden from the world. Or it wouldn’t be wrong to say that those locations that were waiting to be discovered by the world have been brought to exposure through her. Melanie was a valuable crew member of the series’s production team. 

About Yellowstone

Yellowstone is a modern drama based on Western culture. The series premiered on June 20, 2018.  The story focuses on a ranching family in Montana, a place near Yellowstone National Park. It has a total of 5 Seasons and 49 episodes collectively(in 2022). 

Many prominent actors are cast in the show. Kevin Costner is playing the role of John Dutton whereas Luke Grimes acted as Kayce Dutton. 

Was Melanie Olmstead a Part of the Yellowstone Series?

In the Season 2 of the series, there was a character created for her. Taylor Sheridan, a Yellowstone creator, wrote her into the series to pay tribute to Melanie’s life and achievements. Unfortunately, she has no action scenes (because she was dead in reality) and was portrayed as a character gone missing.

Earlier in the episode, Jamie Munson died. Kayce witnessed the death of the woman’s boyfriend Jamie who died because of some people protecting their land. Maybe struggled a lot to find leads on this but couldn’t. 

Olmstead has left her mark on the Yellowstone series and will always be remembered as a part of this series by the fans. 

How did Melanie Olmstead Die? 

Melanie was suffering from cancer before her death. Her ailment got worse and she died in 2019. The real cause of her death is still unknown. It’s perceived that she died due to cancer or due to poisoning. 

Horseback Ride Gathering After Her Death

Due to her social life, Melanie had made a place in many people’s hearts. On July 30, 2019, Olmstead’s family including her husband and two kids gathered with her friends and colleagues for a horseback ride. This gathering was dedicated to Melanie Olmstead, her life, and her accomplishments.  

Net Worth 

As she worked for various movies and T.V series, she had a good amount of wealth. Her passion for animals furthermore aided her fortune and she had a ruffly $3 to $5 million net worth.

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