Is SolarMovie safe to use?


SolarMovie is one of the best and most prominent websites for watching free movies online without any glitches or hindrances. This site hosts various TV shows and a wide range of movie genres that include drama, action, thrillers, adventures, romance, horror, comedy, and rom-com. But is it really safe?

This site will never let you feel monotonous as it’s a whole ten-course meal in providing online video streaming content to its users. SolarMovie possesses the autonomy of providing free movies but recently the owners of the website started trading ads for movies which had left many stunned. 

Different people have contrasting views about SolarMovie, if you’re skeptical about using this website then read this article to have a better understanding of this website and its benefits and risks. 

Why choose SolarMovie over other websites and apps?

Movies and entertainment are vital parts of our life. After a long day of working or studying, one can’t help laying on the bed to seek comfort with something to entertain his dreaded soul and to get his energy back.  Some people have movie nights or love to have a movie party with friends or family on weekends.

There are single people out there who just stay alone in their bed with a blanket on and popcorn in their hand this winter to watch a horror or romantic movie. There’s a couple who have a movie date. So where do they watch their favorite movies? The best source that they could use is SolarMovie. 

There are numerous other sites as well that one could use if this website doesn’t suit your liking.

Perks of using SolarMovie

The owners of this website aren’t known by the world but they look over the website to keep it secure and private. It collects all the streaming links from various sources and personalizes them for the users so they could watch the desired movies. Movies are completely free and don’t require any subscription or sign-up. 

Not only movies but this website also provides TV shows, web series, and dramas as well. Although people get to enjoy free content, however, none of the videos or movies are owned by the website and don’t have any contract with any production house in the Entertainment Industry. 

This website directly violates copyright laws and as a result, it has to change the website address again and again.

Is SolarMovie an illegal website?

Although it’s fun to use pirated websites. But do you know it’s illegal to use these sites? Movie Lakers spend their fortune on the production and promotion of their movies and TV shows. Only the production houses or websites that have a contract with the moviemakers can legally use their movies. 

However, some website owners don’t give regard to copyright and steal the work of others. Such websites share the content as if they own it and make money through it. As this violates the law, many countries have special hearings regarding this matter and the guilty people are punished. Furthermore, these websites aren’t available in every country.

Does SolarMovie have harmful software?

There’s one significant drawback of using such pirated software. Such sites download foreign or harmful software on your smartphone or computer without your consent. You can look up the app or download files to examine such installations.

Likewise, it could damage your PC and make it exposed to greater threats like viruses, slowing down your computer or smartphone, random or required ads, and tracking your internet activities.  These sites could also pry into your activity on that device. It could be fatal if something goes wrong as one doesn’t know what they’re getting into. 

Does SolarMovie promote annoying ads?

Another thing bad with solar movies is their annoying ads. The website is filled with such ads and it wrecks the user experience. If it was just some ads, it had been ok but those ads contain unethical and inappropriate content. Beware while using the website, getting hanged by those ads could get you in something fish or you could get scammed. 

Also, they could ruin your day. In case you are watching a movie with your family or some kids and they pop up, it would be quite embarrassing. This website’s popunder ad wouldn’t let you have a smooth time with the movie and at last, your mood will be ruined. 

The best legal alternative to SolarMovie

The best legal alternative to SolarMovie
  • Sony Crackle
  • Popcornflix
  • IMDB Freedive
  • Fmovies
  • AllMovie
  • Netflix 
  • Cmovies HD
  • Bmovies
  • Gostream
  • YifyTV
  • Yesmovies
  • Primewire
  • 123movies
  • Putlocker2
  • 10movies

Sony Crackle


  • This website is legal, unlike pirated websites. 
  • The ip address doesn’t change every other month. 
  • Run by a verified and reputed company or corporation Sony. 
  • Doesn’t require any subscription or bundles.
  • High quality 

How to sign-up on Sony Crackle?

  • Open Google.
  • Sign in with your Google account.
  • You are all set after it. 


  • Lesser ads on Sony Crackle.
  • Sony Crackle is only available in the United States of America.


Netflix needs no introduction. As everyone has heard of it and has basic knowledge about the app. 


  • Available on Tablet, PC, and smartphone
  • High quality
  • Available in various languages
  • Had subtitles and download options
  • Variety from TV shows to movies to documentaries
  • Legitimate 


  • Subscription lowest bundle is 8 something US Dollars 
  • Limited content 



  • Original content
  • Legal website
  • A wide range of movies of various categories (action, drama, adventure, etc).
  • Popcornflix has its original shows as well.
  • High quality
  • Cleanest user interface
  • No signup required
  • 100 percent free 


  • Fewer ads 

IMDB Freedive


  • Legal
  • High-quality content
  • Owned by Amazon(a well-trusted company).
  • Free of cost for Fire TV owners in the United States. 
  • IMDb has a decent collection of movies and TV shows.


  • If you don’t have access to Fire TV, then the content on this website isn’t free for you. To get access to the content, you would have to get Fire TV first. 


After all the discussion it’s formulated that SolarMovie is a good place to watch movies but its disadvantages are more dominant than its perks. Hence, use its alternatives that are legal and safe to use with fewer ads.

Visit this site for more details.


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