What was the real reason for the divorce between Christian Galvez and Almudena Cid?


Almudena Cid and Christian Galvez divorced recently, arousing suspicion among their fans. Some speculate it is the result of the infidelity of Christian Galvez. But nothing was confirmed about the actual reason until a source uncovered the truth. 

Christian Galvez and Almudena Cid are hogging the spotlight in the world of tabloids even after several weeks of separation. People are curious to know the exact reason why this ideal couple separated.  The contentious divorce is being discussed everywhere in magazines, tabloids, social media and discussion forums. 

Shortly before the couple parted ways, Christian initiated a relationship with Patricia Pardo. Their enthusiasts are sceptical about whether this is the reason for their break up or something else. But nothing was confirmed from both personalities. Hence, this has remained a theory with little evidence. 

So what’s the actual reason for the divorce between Almudena Cid and Christian Galvez? 

The actual reason for the divorce between Almudena and Galvez

The actual reason for the divorce between Almudena and Galvez

In 2018, Almudena did an interview in which she revealed an esoteric clue. This might have been the final trigger between the couple that led to their divergence. The fifteen-year-long relationship was triggered by motherhood issues. 

After 15 years, Christian might have gotten tired of waiting to fulfil one of his genuine desires: that he wants to enjoy the happiness of becoming a father. 

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Almudena Cid’s confession 

In 2018, Almudena appeared on the program Viva la Vida which was broadcasted on Telecinco. Although, this interview of Cid didn’t gain much engagement at that time but its clips have resurfaced now. In that interview, Cid talked to Toni Moreno and confessed that she had a very difficult time with ‘motherhood’. 

She said, ‘I have a very difficult time’ and continued that ‘Chris shares everything’ on the shows he had done. Almudena Cid continued that Chris forgets “millions of people see” his shows. 

Once, Christian Galvez expressed the desire to become a ‘father’. Wherever they went, people would ask them when they were going to have children. Once they went to a ‘supermarket’ and the ‘cashier would ask when he would have children.’ 

At that time, gymnast Cid didn’t have any plans of becoming a mother. Likewise, she was getting insecure from the executing pressure from the media and people from everywhere. Cid remarked, “I felt that society was pushing me to become a mother” but she still had many doubts and didn’t know “if she was ready or not to be one.”

Almudena Cid had several issues going on in her life and motherhood became a thorn in her life that pricked her and eventually became a real obstacle in her relationship with Christian. 

Months later after the duo separated, Almudena finally opened up about her feelings and let her deep feelings find a way out of her torso. In the breast cancer event in Madrid, Almudena Cid opened up that she “forgives” her ex-husband and “it’s all processes”. Such moments in life made her comprehend some emotions and matters that need time and peace of mind to get deciphered.  

Furthermore, Cid revealed that the last few months haven’t been easy for her and she was hurt. In a conclusion, Cid revealed a shocking truth “I misunderstood the concept of love.” The retired gymnast thought she knew love and the sacrifices she was making will bear fruit. But she ‘neglected one part’. 

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Christian Galvez’s response to his ex-wife 

Christian Galvez after all that time has finally opened up about his relationship with his ex Almudena Cid. Chris confessed in the ending message of his program High Tension, “Now I am in one of the best”. 

He regarded it as his new life with Patricia Pardo whom he often engages on social media through sweet posts demonstrating their successful relationship. As for the response to his ex-wife, he regarded it as a “dark moment” whereas presently he’s living well in a lightened environment. 

After the eleven-year marriage ended last year in February. The writer Christian Galvez is now enjoying an intimate relationship with the presenter Patricia Brown of Ana Rosa’s program. Patricia has two daughters with his ex-husband, former rugby player Fran Marquez. With the presenter of High Tension, Patricia said with a bright smile “I am happy and I’m excited.”

Some months ago, Almudena was related to Gerardo Barodia; a former soccer player. 


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